NBN Migration is affecting people’s phone lines for the worse

Whilst complaints about the NBN have skyrocketed due to poor support and slow speeds, the inability to be able to use your landline in an emergency can have tragic consequences.

Whilst PowerShield provide a full range of UPSs to deal with all the problems associated with power, the DC Mini UPS is unique in that it can keep the NBN and phone lines up and running in case of a power outage. It has sold very well in the New Zealand and Australian markets and has proven to be valuable in holding up all 12 Volt modems and IP phones.

Recently, the PowerShield DC Mini was voted by Australian Computer Magazine as a Top Recommended Product:

“While just about any device can be plugged into a UPS, it’s not a very efficient way to handle small power users such as a modem or router. The PowerShield DC Mini takes a different approach – just aiming to provide UPS functionality for 12V devices.” (APC Magazine, August 2017).

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