PowerShield Solutions

PowerShield design and manufacture a complete range of Power Protection Products and Solutions for all environments.

Home and Home Office

From home office equipment to gaming, home theatres and security systems, PowerShield Power Solutions products have you covered.

Business Solutions

PowerShield UPS solutions will help prevent data loss in the event of a power disturbance and will allow enough runtime for a graceful shutdown of equipment when necessary.

Industrial and Manufacturing

UPS systems have become a necessity to industrial and manufacturing sites bringing continuous, conditioned power. Having a power source that you know you can rely on can bring peace of mind to any operation.


Regardless of your setup, without power, there is no security. Power outages can lead to security breaches, so ensure your power is secure with the right UPS to fit your application.

Audio Visual

Whether for corporate events or home theatre applications, PowerShield UPS and Surge Protection solutions will provide clean power to valuable and critical equipment.

ICT Solutions

Your business relies on reliable, clean power. PowerShield Power Protection Solutions ensure power is protected, ongoing and of a quality that is consistent to minimise time and data loss and equipment damage, while maximising power efficiency.

Mining Solutions

Reliable power distribution is essential in the metals and mining industry. The use of Uninterruptible Power Supply systems has increased in recent years in terms of volume and rated power and PowerShield offer a complete range of solutions to meet specific applications.

Medical Refrigeration

An Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit will allow providers to continue to store vaccines and other items between recommended temperatures in the event of a power outage, offering protection and minimising loss.

Marine Solutions

Power outages can damage critical equipment and affect navigation and communication controls. PowerShield offers a range of UPS solutions designed to ensure availability and improve efficiency and performance.