How To Look Look After Your UPS

All UPS products require a level of maintenance to ensure your system enjoys trouble-free, continuous power.

The following checklist should be followed as a guide to installing and maintainting a UPS system:

  • Provide adequate clearance around the UPS for ventilation and maintenance access.

  • Ensure that the UPS is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guideline and wiring regulations.

  • Never position a UPS near water pipes or sprinklers and avoid placing a UPS directly under an air conditioner.

  • Do not smoke or allow naked lights in the vicinity of the UPS or its battery.

  • Keep the room in which the UPS is situated dry, clean and dust free.

  • Do not store or use corrosive materials in the vicinity of the UPS and never allow them to be introduced into the atmosphere in the UPS’s room.

  • Do not allow building or electrical work to be carried out near the UPS unless the machine has first been de-energised and covered. Thoroughly clean the room before re-energising the machine.

  • To ensure optimum performance and life out of the UPS the ambient temperature in the battery cabinet/compartment should be maintained between 20 to 25 degrees C..

  • Ensure that ventilation/air conditioning is sufficient to cope with the heat dissipated by a larger UPS and is capable of maintaining the UPS’s room within recommended ambient temperature and humidity recommendations.

  • Never connect the output of the UPS into the input of the UPS.

  • Consider the benefits of taking out a service contract on the equipment.

  • Never attempt to service the equipment yourself as dangerous voltages exist within the system even when switched off. Refer all service and repair work to a professional service provider.

  • Regularly perform a mains failure/battery discharge test.