Reliable power distribution is essential in the metals and mining industry. The use of Uninterruptible Power Supply systems has increased in recent years in terms of volume and rated power and PowerShield offer a complete range of solutions to meet specific applications.

When it comes to mining applications the design of the installation must be fit for purpose as not all UPS systems are suitable for connection to electrical installations on sites. PowerShield UPS systems have detailed installation manuals and local Engineer support in Perth available to work with professional installers. Furthermore, all PowerShield UPS systems are designed by Australian Engineers to meet Australian conditions. All installations must conform to design requirements to ensure safety levels are met.


Water condensation inside electronic equipment inevitably leads to corrosion, short circuits and over time builds up deposits of dirt and grease due to airborne contaminants that can drastically shorten life expectancy.

Condensation occurs on components when the relative humidity is high and is accompanied by a rapid drop in temperature. This can happen when the equipment ambient relative humidity is high and the external environmental temperature drops suddenly or even when the equipment cooling fans have the effect of providing a large temperature differential inside the equipment. The water that is held as a vapour in the air at the higher temperatures condenses at the lower temperature and forms water droplets on components inside the equipment.

In mining and industrial applications, where electronic equipment are exposed to sustained high levels of moisture and dust that often have metallic qualities that can short circuit electrical devices and components, condensation becomes even more problematic.

Without a protective coating, the equipment components will predictably fail with certainty well before the expected life of your equipment.

For situations in which our UPSs are exposed to high dust levels accompanied with sustained high relative humidity, we offer conformal coating. The standards and procedures used to perform this service are ASTM B826-03 (Standard Test Method for Monitoring Atmospheric Corrosion Tests by Electrical Resistance Probes) and ISA 71.04 (Instrument Society of America Standard ISA-71.04 “Environmental Conditions for Process Measurement and Control Systems: Airborne Contaminants”). 

The procedure is extensive and involves conformal coating of all printed circuit boards including the backplane with a military specified coating containing corrosion inhibitors; protection to all plugs and sockets within each module and protecting all external connectors with a thin film of a synthetic grease compound. PowerShield is committed to providing products that greatly improve the reliability of electronic and electrical systems. The Powershield conformal coating reduces corrosion that causes up to 60% of failures in dusty environments with sustained high ambient relative humidity.