Battery Replacement and Recycling

UPS Battery Replacement Guide

Use this tool to determine which battery suits your UPS for replacement and how many it requires.

Buying Replacement Batteries

Batteries for PowerShield UPSs can be purchased from our Battery Partner, Battery World. To find your local store please use the search tool below.
Your local store can also help you swap your battery and recycle your old lead acid one:

Disposing of Old Batteries

PowerShield UPS batteries contain lead acid and in our DC and LiFePO4 series, Lithium, and so are considered a Dangerous Good. When used, they are considered a Controlled Hazardous Waste. It is therefore essential that they are handled and recycled in accordance with safety regulations in order to minimise environmental impact.


We are committed to the responsible recycling of our products and ask that you dispose of old UPS equipment and batteries responsibly for the betterment of our planet.


We offer a free recycling service by returning your used batteries to our Perth head office where all e-waste and batteries are recycled through Westref Enviro to ensure we leave as little footprint as possible.

You can return your used Lead Acid batteries to any Battery World store for recycling or search for a B-Cycle Drop off point below, which also may accept Lithium batteries depending on location:

As a sustainable manufacturer, and a supplier of choice for eco-conscious purchasers, PowerShield are proud to have joined the Battery Stewardship Council and the B-cycle program.


B-cycle is about creating a responsible battery lifecycle – from buying better batteries for the planet, to safe use, and convenient recycling.

To find a battery drop-off point near you please visit the B-Cycle Search site:

You can also search: website for your local recycling options. 

Battery Module Selection Guide

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