The Lithium-Iron
Phosphate Advantage
  • Higher Safety

    With safety as our absolute priority PowerShield engineers chose LiFePO4 batteries for this series that feature a chemical composition that ensures they are non-flammable and as such will not catch fire when exposed to electrical and mechanical stresses. With extended battery life, lighter weight, faster recharge, higher performance and higher power density the Centurion RT LiFePO4 UPS series offers a higher return on investment when looking for backup and comprehensive protection of mission-critical devices such as sensitive networks, computers, servers, telecom applications, as well as industrial applications.

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    Extended Battery Life

    Provides double to triple battery life, making it cheaper to run and providing lower total cost of ownership.

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    Lighter Weight

    Batteries are up to one third lighter making installation and battery changes easier to carry out.

  • Faster Recharge

    3 times faster recharge rate.

  • Higher Power Density

    Provides longer runtimes.

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    Higher Temperature Tolerance

    Can operate in environments up to 40oC without battery degradation.

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    Higher Performance

    PowerShield have incorporated an enhanced LiFePO4 battery management system. This ensures the utmost efficiency during charging and discharging of the battery system.