Power Shield is the Australian power protection company specialising in developing and providing Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS Supply) and power filtration products specifically for the Australasian market.

Power Shield understands Australia’s power problems and has been instrumental in solving them for thousands of businesses since its inception in the year 2000. The company is focused on customer service and the management team seeks constant and never ending improvement.

The company’s overall goal is to provide the cleanest and most reliable quality power and economical protection against electrical disturbances for all valuable equipment.

Power Shield is a well known and trusted brand throughout Australia, engineering solutions for many projects first hand. A diverse customer list includes radio stations, government, defence, security, health and medical departments, mines, process control operations, point of sale, system integrators and server room applications to name a few.

A progressive company with energetic people focused on helping others with their business continuity, Power Shield aims to ensure equipment works efficiently and for as long as possible.

Continued and uncompromising development of the best possible UPS technology and a dedication to relentless customer care has catapulted the business to become one of Australia’s largest independent UPS manufacturing companies – and the best choice for protecting your electrical power supply.

The Company

Our relationship with our Distributors, Resellers and Service Agents is something that we value and strive to always improve.

This ensures that our customers throughout the Asia Pacific region are given expert advice and local, personal support when they need it.

Use our PowerShield Partner Tool to help you find the closest retail store, reseller, distributor or service agent in your area.