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As Australia’s leading power protection company, PowerShield offer a complete range of power protection solutions to help you protect and monitor your critical equipment.

We design our solutions specifically for Australian and Oceanic conditions, offering the ultimate home/office, professional and industrial-grade UPS systems, surge protectors and filters, PDUs and a range of accessories. Our goal is always to provide the cleanest and most reliable power for valuable equipment to protect against all electrical disturbances.


We’ve kept it simple – we offer a standard higher level of protection with even our most basic UPS systems offering protection against 5 of the 9 known power problems. Our extensive range includes line-interactive and True Online Double Conversion UPS models with a full range of backup capacities. From our popular, silent, SafeGuard and Defender models through to our high end Centurion UPSs that offer three phase power options, we have designed a full suite of models with Australasian consumers and IT professionals in mind. HID connectivity, ECO mode options, Lithium Iron-Phosphate and NetGuard connectivity software are just some of the features you will find in our range.


PowerShield offer surge boards, power filters, surge diverters and Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) designed to protect devices from surges and spikes in power that will damage components. Our ZapGuard Range of power boards provide a sophisticated solution to meet the modern needs of consumers while offering exceptional protection and peace of mind. The ZapGuard Pro range of surge filters are available for both pluggable and hard wired installations. From thoughtful features such as wide-spaced sockets to allow for plug packs (ZapGuard Power Boards), to the built-in automatic safety features of our VoltGuard AVR, you can choose a model that suits your application.


PowerShield’s range of PDUs cover basic and metered PDUs (Unmanaged), through to a complete range of intelligent (Managed) PDUs. While Unmanaged PDUs offer simple and economical power distribution, Managed PDUs deliver real-time power information with intelligent functionality that allows monitoring and remote controlling of power usage and conditions. The PowerShield Navigator Managed PDU is an internet ready device designed to allow administrators to remotely and individually control the AC power for up to eight connected devices such as servers, routers, modems and telephone networks.


We offer an extensive range of accessories including: Chargers, Rail Kits, Battery Modules to increase backup times, Communications Cards, Automatic Transfer Switches, Maintenance Bypass Switches and Vertical Racks. We also offer Extended Warranty options.


PowerShield UPS Replacement Batteries or Cartridges will restore life to your PowerShield UPS system that has a depleted internal battery. If you are unsure how many batteries your UPS requires, you can use our battery check guide.

Replacement batteries can be purchased through our Battery Partner: Battery World.

The majority of UPS batteries contain lead acid and as such are considered a Dangerous Good. When used, they are considered a Controlled Hazardous Waste. To minimise environmental impact they must be recycled. Please check our Battery information page on easy battery recycling options.

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