The PowerShield family comes together!

We’ve brought the whole family to the party today at PowerShield for our new catalogue and video shoot. Looking sharp!

Our new catalogue is well under way and bringing our full range of products together was exciting to see. We will keep you updated as we get closer to our release date!

Does Size Matter when it comes to a UPS?

Regardless of what UPS you use, you will have less than 10 minutes to shut down equipment should your power fail. The power that a UPS is able to produce depends on it’s VA rating. This alone, however, will not determine how much power you will get out of the unit. Rather, how much equipment you have connected to it will give you a good indication. This is known as the ‘load’. As an example, one computer, running a single monitor would have a load of less than 300 VA yet requires a unit of 650VA to have enough time to close your work down and turn the computer off safely should power fail.

This means that the amount of equipment that you need to run, and the power that equipment draws, determines the size of the UPS you will need. Power Shield has a full range of UPS products to meet different requirements ranging from 650 to 100,000 VA and we can help you determine what product will best suit your needs. For those with specific requirements, we also have an online tool that can help you determine the best Power Shield UPS for you.

What Are The Chances of A Lightening Strike..?

According to Australian Geographic, Australians have about one in 1.6 million chance of physically getting struck by lightening, but its safe to say most people are aware that a massive surge of electricity can kill valuable electronic equipment in a literal flash. It’s not only the surges that are a concern however, just the common ups and downs of power supply can damage your equipment. Power fluctuations happen frequently and over the long-term this can cause damage and weaken components, eventually leading to failure.

So if these power fluctuations can happen at any time, what is the best way to avoid your equipment being damaged beyond repair?

The easy answer is, using good quality power surge protection, although there are many choices available once you look. The other good news is, it doesn’t necessarily need to cost you much money to get good protection. More money will get you more features such as outlets, user replaceable batteries, LCD screen, etc, but it doesn’t necessarily mean stronger protection.

Power Shield specialise in power protection and have designed and tested their products based on Australian conditions. With a large range of power protective devises available, you will be sure to find the right way to protect your valuable equipment.

You can find our products through our Valued Distributors here in Australia and overseas. Visit them or speak to a representative to find out how you can get protection.