“PowerShield products just work”was the most common phrase we heard on a recent roadshow speaking to customers who regularly use our equipment. It was great to hear that the systems and procedures that we have put into place have translated into customer satisfaction by people out in the field. 

Our products ‘just work’ due to many factors: 

  1. Constant and never-ending improvement across all ranges. 

  1. Australian Quality Assurance to ensure that products meet PowerShield’s high standards. 

  1. Over-engineering of our equipment for Australian conditions. Where our competitors might simply offer products that were designed en masse for other countries, PowerShield’s focus is on Australia and Oceania ensuring that our equipment can meet the unique environmental challenges that are encountered in our territory. 

  1. After over 20 years in the industry, we have seen every problem that our territory has and we have developed the solutions. 

  1. Rather than a ‘one fit for all’ model, we work closely with our customers to resolve any issues and meet specific needs, focusing on continuous improvements to our designs based on local feedback and knowledge. In fact, our soon to be released Three Phase UPS series was engineered in direct partnership with the service engineers that install our equipment, our valued Service Partners. 

PowerShield is a company that is focused on shared successes and this is reflected directly by a return rate that is lower than one percent. This is a win not only for ourselves, but for our valued partners and customers alike. Our customers are afforded the peace of mind that they require when purchasing a PowerShield product.



If you haven’t already, we encourage you to take a closer look at the PowerShield range. And if there is anything you would like to approach us with, our local team is always interested in your feedback or to discuss your upcoming projects.



*Photo featuring technician Robert Czerwiec who works closely with Mickey Sala in our technical division to ensure only the very best standards are delivered in our power protection equipment.