Powering Into The Olympics

PowerShield are excited to announce we have been selected by International audio visual and effects company NW Group to provide UPS backup for their Tokyo 2021 Olympics project.

NorWest Productions are teaming up with Hibino Corporation from Japan and will supply key technical components of the audio system such as dual Optocore networks, customised RF solutions, Pyramix replay systems, and timecode systems. Well done to their team who bring a wealth of experience to the project.

NorWest’s engineering team selected the PowerShield PSCERT2000 UPS after testing. 31 (PSCERT2000) UPSs, 8 (PSRTBB12) Battery Modules and 31 (PSSNMPV4) Communication Cards will head to Japan this month.

The PowerShield Centurion RT 2000 UPSs will protect and hold up vital micro-processor and computer-controlled Audio-Visual equipment for the opening ceremony as well as all the other events throughout and during the Olympic games that will be broadcast worldwide.

PowerShield worked closely with our valued Altronics AU partner in Victoria to win this exciting new project – well done team and well done Glyn Dowding for your great work!

Are Your Fridges Safe?

The contents of medical and laboratory fridges can vary but one thing is the same for all, any level of power disruption can cause loss of valuable assets and even equipment damage.

What is the Solution?

A PowerShield Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will provide battery power backup for your fridge. It will also ensure that power is smooth so that refrigeration temperatures remain stable, minimising potential damage that can occur from surges and spikes in power.

How Much Backup Will You Get?

To extend the amount of backup time you want to get out of your UPS is as simple as adding extra battery banks to meet your requirements.

PowerShield your medical fridges today:


PowerShield Partner In Space

The big news from NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration today announced the discovery of water on the sunlit surface of the moon by their Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA).*

What is exciting to PowerShield is that SOFIA relies on Nova Electric Div. Technology Dynamics Inc.‘s Rugged True Online UPS Systems for reliable battery backup of crucial on-board electronics – in the image below you can see inside the NASA 747 Jumbo SOFIA where the telescope is installed showing the racks inside that house the NOVA Electric rugged true online UPS equipment.

PowerShield is proud to partner Nova Electrics as their official agent in Australia. Their products are designed from inception and specifically built as truly Rugged AC Power Sources, which can be used in harsh environment #Military, Commercial, and Industrial applications.

If you have a requirement for rugged power conversion hardware for aircraft, land, or sea applications, contact us to discuss your upcoming projects or requirements.


*Full NASA article: https://lnkd.in/eR3GT4V

PowerShield Protects Myki System

In 2016 Victorian Transport’s #Myki ticketing system contract was extended for a further 7 years with multi-national company NTT DATA Services throughout Victoria. PowerShield was selected to provide UPS protection for each of the selected data company’s communications cabinets in the state of Victoria. With the timely release of PowerShield’s new range of Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) UPSs, the company was able to meet the strict criteria of the project.

Fitting perfectly into existing 2RU rack spaces these rack/tower configurable UPSs provide long-life battery backup with long run-times, true online double conversion topologies and SNMP communication capabilities.

PowerShield’s decision to manufacture their UPSs with #Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries means it can offer customers non-toxic, non-flammable & recyclable batteries that offer a high return on investment, all whilst value-adding to the Lithium-Iron Phosphate that is mined right here in Australia.

With the benefit of local, readily-available PowerShield support in Australia, these UPSs take the stress from the data centre about the worry of potential power problems to the wide-spread ticketing system that must be readily-available at all times to the thousands of customers utilising the technology. #powersolutions

Why is an Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS Necessary?


Voltage surges or unexpected fluctuations in voltage, blackouts, and brownouts can have adverse effects on the life of equipment that runs on electricity; they can short-circuit, burn-out or result in component malfunction and loss of valuable data. An uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) protects electrical equipment from known problems in power supply. It ensures that equipment receives steady voltage, maximising lifespan and operating function.

UPS act as buffers against power disruptions and provide battery backup in the event of the power going out. This is important for all applications whether a home office, business, industrial or critical application such as on mine sites, medical, defence and marine. Fluctuations in voltage can damage equipment and cause disruption to work.

The sudden increase or decrease in voltage levels can cause components in electrical and electronic equipment to fail. In certain equipment, such sensitive components, this can be catastrophic. A UPS system will protect your sensitive equipment through an AVR (automatic voltage regulator).

Backup & Stay Connected

Power outages are a common problem around the world and when there’s a blackout, businesses and homeowners are both affected. Businesses cannot operate, resulting in a loss of revenue and home users cannot continue to work or be connected remotely.

A UPS provides temporary backup power, so that you can continue with your everyday tasks at home, even if it is simply accessing the internet, and businesses can keep operating smoothly and ensure equipment is shut down safely.

A Good Investment

At Power Shield we have UPSs for all applications and for every budget. Compared to the expense of downtime, loss of data and worse – damage to equipment, a UPS is a sound investment that can quickly outweigh the initial cost.

Check our our UPS Facts for more information.