The PowerShield logo has an interesting history. The icon is central to the brand and is an interpretation of a Roman sentry remaining at his post during the destruction of Pompeii in 79AD, as depicted in Sir Edward Poynter’s 1865 oil painting “Faithful Unto Death”.

In this painting, even though destruction and devastation is happening all around him, the sentry remains stoically at his post. Not only is he brave and loyal, he is devoted to his duty and stands strong. The theme of this painting may be interpreted that despite knowing what catastrophe is likely heading his way, he also knows that his duty is one of self-sacrifice and is standing his ground.

It is this theme that has inspired Power Shield to show this soldier on all of our products. Strength, devotion, reliability and dependability in any environment. These are the characteristics we focus on not only in our product range, but are traits we believe are evident in all of our Power Shield team, who are known widely for their fantastic support and service!