Empowering Safety: PowerShield’s Role in Marine Rescue WA’s Radio Monitoring Initiative

Empowering Safety: PowerShield’s Role in Marine Rescue WA’s Radio Monitoring Initiative

Marine Rescue WA  ensures comprehensive radio monitoring services along Western Australia’s coastline and surrounding islands, operating 24/7/365. Feedback revealed significant gaps in coverage, with some areas only serviced on weekends or public holidays, and others lacking monitoring altogether due to resource constraints. To address this, they adopted Radio over IP technology, allowing remote operators to monitor radio traffic and respond to incidents, particularly in less populated regions. Teaming up with Direct Communications, they implemented a safety solution incorporating Tait equipment, Omnitronics’ Omnicore Enterprise Dispatch software, and PowerShields’ Commander 2000VA UPS to safeguard critical communications. The expandable UPS system ensures uninterrupted connectivity and prepares for future system demands with additional battery modules.

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Unveiling Sovereign Solutions: A Joint Defence Endeavor

Unveiling Sovereign Solutions: A Joint Defence Endeavor
Daronmont, a leading Australian Defence company, relies on robust electronic systems designed to withstand extreme conditions. Among these, the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) plays a pivotal role, ensuring continuous operation in harsh environments. In rigorous testing, the PowerShield Centurion UPS emerged as the standout performer, demonstrating unparalleled resilience, including seamless operation in temperatures as low as -30°C!
Our case study showcases the PowerShield Centurion RT UPS, demonstrating its superior performance in challenging environments and its ability to fulfil critical defence requirements with advanced features and reliability. Additionally, it highlights Australian companies’ commitment to innovation and exploration within our distinctive environment.

Battery Replacement and Recycling

PowerShield UPS batteries contain lead acid and in our DC and LiFePO4 series, Lithium, and so are considered a Dangerous Good. When used, they are considered a Controlled Hazardous Waste. It is therefore essential that they are handled and recycled in accordance with safety regulations in order to minimise environmental impact.

Lead acid batteries for PowerShield UPSs can be purchased from our Battery Partner, Battery World. You can use the search tool on our website to lookup your UPS model and applicable battery:

Your local store can also help you swap your battery and recycle your old lead acid one. Videos on how to replace batteries yourself for certain UPS models can be found on our YouTube Channel:

PowerShield Joins Battery Stewardship Council

At PowerShield, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, with a focus on Oceania and its communities. We believe that sustainability is a critical component of our business and we strive to minimise our environmental impact through our operations, products, and partnerships.

PowerShield has incorporated Lithium Batteries into our UPS offerings. As we continue to innovate and stay attuned to industry shifts, we acknowledge the changing dynamics of battery usage and disposal.

By 2018, the ubiquity of lithium batteries became undeniable. Governmental bodies at all tiers discerned the burgeoning demand for such items. A challenge arose: devising waste reduction strategies for these batteries, given that only a scant 3% of them were recycled under existing systems.

The pressing need was a sturdy framework to responsibly oversee used lithium-ion batteries (ULIB), mirroring practices for used lead-acid batteries (ULAB). If left unresolved, ULIB disposal could become a looming environmental crisis.

The Battery Stewardship Council (BSC) was established as a keystone for a battery stewardship initiative, promoting sustainable battery lifecycle management. PowerShield is proud to announce its inclusion in the BSC, bolstering our commitment to eco-friendly business practices. We stand alongside industry giants like Sony, Canon, Duracell, Woolworths, and Bunnings Warehouse, who also endorse these environmental tenets.

This sustainable endeavor is financed by a levy on lithium batteries, based on their size, until ULIB recycling achieves self-sufficiency, mirroring the current status of ULAB recycling. For PowerShield, this cost is a testament to our dedication to solidify the initiative and aid in defraying lithium battery recycling expenses. We encourage our customers to return spent batteries to authorised centers for ethical recycling and are working on strategies to help improve used battery drop off points to make them accessable.

With over two decades in battery based equipment and expertise in lithium UPS equipment, PowerShield is an important part of this initiative. We’re keen on synergising with peers and sharing our industry insights for the enhancement of battery standards and safety protocols.

Joining the BSC is a pivotal move for PowerShield. This stewardship initiative offers participants incentives and accreditation, reinforcing shared objectives. Such endeavors reinforce PowerShield’s commitment, ensuring that every stage, from conception to end-user, optimises resources.

Moreover, the BSC badge instills consumer trust and elevates brand reputation. As consumers increasingly favour brands championing circular economies a BSC endorsement can amplify brand valuation.

The BSC’s initiative is a beacon in the battery sector, and PowerShield eagerly embarks on this journey. This step not only ensures ethical lithium product management but also signifies PowerShield’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, envisioning a greener Oceania future.

For more information on PowerShield’s commitment to sustainability and ethical recycling please visit https://powershield.com.au/powershields-commitment-to-sustainability/.

Ninja Slimline 600VA UPS

PowerShield Ninja Slimline UPS - Australia's Slimmest, Most Versatile UPS

Meet the PowerShield Ninja 600VA Slimline UPS.

This 600VA, ultra-thin, Lithium-Iron Phosphate UPS offers unbelievable protection in a format no bigger than the size of an A4 notepad in width and height. 

Designed for applications like electrical panels and switch boards, menu boards, point of sale devices and anywhere else where space is a challenge and with a 5 year warranty due to long-life lithium batteries, the Ninja Slimline UPS is a great investment that will protect and backup critical electronic equipment.




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