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Centurion RT 1000 Network Ready with Rack Mount Bypass Bundle

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Extend the power of the Centurion 1000VA UPS with a 10A SW Maintenance Bypass switch, comms card and rail kit, all bundled together for convenience.

PowerShield Centurion RT 1000VA

As a true online double conversion UPS the Centurion RT is our highest single phase power density UPS. Boasting an output power factor of 0.9, this will fully protect mission critical devices as it can support larger loads than UPS products of an equal VA rating.
The Centurion RT has an energy saving Advanced ECO mode, which allows the unit to operate at very high efficiency, up to 98%. When the utility mains input voltage is within the ECO range the UPS saves energy by passing the mains supply directly through to the load, while the inverter continues to operate in a passive mode.

MBS Plus Hot Swap PDU (2kVA)

No downtime. Routine maintenance can be performed at any hour
A PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with 7 outlets for distribution to your load
Rackmount - MBS can be mounted both horizontally or vertically (ORU) into a rack
Wallmount option, vertically or horizontally
UPS Mountable. Designed to attach to PowerShield Centurion RT and Commander RT ranges.
Suitable for all UPS topologies including offline, line interactive and true online double conversion

SNMP Comms Card V4

PowerShield's Simple Network Managment Protocol (SNMP) cards offer a choice of remote management options. Control and monitor one or multiple UPS systems and perform management tasks including scheduled shutdowns, startups, and reboots by simply installing the Lite, V4 or Cyber Secure SNMP Card.

Telescopic Rail Mounting Kit (not included with UPS)

Height – 40mm (1RU)
Min Depth – 470mm
Max Depth – 780mm
Max Load Weight – 80kg
Product Weight: 1.60kg

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PSCERT1000 1 PowerShield Centurion RT 1000VA/900W
PSRK 1 Telescopic Rail Mounting Kit
PSSNMPV4 1 Internal SNMP Coms Card with EMD Port
PSMBS2K 1 Rack Mount Bypass Switch for 1 & 2kVA, 1RU

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PowerShield Centurion RT 1000VA




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12V 9AH

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MBS Plus Hot Swap PDU (2kVA)