is what is achieved when you have ensured your power supply is protected properly. Any disturbance in electricity, big or small, can cause damage to equipment and loss of data.

PowerShield is an Australian owned company that designs all of its professional power protection products to meet the conditions of the harsh Australian environment. With local development and support this trusted company has established itself as the leading manufacturer of power protection solutions in the Asia Pacific region, meeting the requirements of all applications from home offices, small to large business and diverse industries such as medical, security and mining.

We've Made It Simple.

Our Online UPS Calculator will help you find the best UPS solution for your application.

Four steps will lead you to your recommended solution:

  • 1.  Enter Your Load Requirements
    (how much equipment will you be plugging into the UPS?)
  • 2.  Consider Your Application and Environment
    (where will the UPS be running?)
  • 3.  How Much Backup Time Do You Need?
  • 4.  Choose Your Optional Accessories

Print or save your UPS Solution as a PDF.

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