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What types of equipment are you protecting with this Power Shield product?

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ServersStand-alone personal computerScannerNetworked personal computerTelecom equipment (i.e. PBX, KEY system)LaptopModem/TelephoneNT/RISC WorkstationPoint of sale equipmentMidrange systemMedical/Lab equipmentNetworking equipment (i.e. router, hub)Audio/video entertainment systemsExternal storage (i.e. SAN, NAS)Fax MachineVOIPPrinter

If using this product with a computer or network equipment, which brand(s) of computer or network hardware do you protect with this Power Shield product?

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3-ComFujistuEC/Packard BellSonyAcerGatewayetwork ApplianceSunAppleHewlett Packard (HP)Nortel NetworksToshibaCompaq/DECHitachiRiverstone NetworksUNISYSCiscoIBMSiemensNon-brandedDellLucentSilicon GraphicsNon-ComputerEMCMicronSNAP Appliance

Decision to purchase this product was based on?

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Dealer RecommendationReview/EditorialAdvertisingCompany/Dept. standardPast Use of Power Shield ProductProduct WarrantyRelative/Friend/Co-workerEquipment Protection PolicyPC ManufacturerCompany ReputationPriceProduct AvailabilityProduct features/Specifications

Which of the following features were important to you when choosing this Power Shield product?

(Check the three most important)
Appearance/ShapeSize/WeightAutomatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)Cable/DSS surge protectionBattery backup runtimeSNMP capableReliabilitySoftware FeatureErgonomic designUnattended OS/Application shutdownFront panel/Indicator displaySoftware Included with UPSNumber of outletsSoftware certificationOutput WaveformPower line surge protectionPower Capacity/VA/Watt ratingEthernet Surge ProtectionPricePhone line surge protectionRedundant designNo Specific Features

From what type of store did you purchase this Power Shield product?

Was this product purchased and installed as part of the original system?


Where will this Power Shield product be used?

Data centerWiring ClosetHomeOfficeHome OfficeFactoryLaboratoryRetail StoreSchool/University/LibraryHospital/Medical Facility

Which best describes your company's primary activity at this location?

Communication/Broadcasting/PublishingConsultingEducationEngineering/Architecture/ConstructionFinance/Banking/Accounting/Insurance/Real estateGovernment/MilitaryHealth/MedicalLegal ServicesManufacturing/IndustrialResearch/DevelopmentComputer reseller/Distributor/WholesalerOther reseller/Distributor/WholesalerOther Service IndustryNot applicable

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