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The free, downloadable PowerShield NetGuard® Software provides complete power monitoring for SafeGuard, Defender, Commander and Centurion RT UPSs.

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    View the PowerShield NetGuard® User Manual here:


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    Mac Instructions

    Instructions for Installing NetGuard on Mac OS 10.14x or 10.15x

    1. Important: Please set your Security Preferences to Download from Anywhere
    Security preferences downloaded from anywhere: Apple has removed this function on MacOS, but you can re-enable it running this command in terminal:
    Finder>Applications>Utilities>Terminal Mode then type and run




    2. Download the For Mac OS 10.14x or 10.15x

    3. Unzip, if not already auto unzipped by Mac downloads, run installNetGuard Mac x86-64

    4. Follow all default settings

    5. Enter your Mac Password when prompted in terminal mode to complete USB driver installation

    Please note that the default password for the NetGuard software is “administrator”. There is the ability to change the password once the program is downloaded.

    NOTE: Please use your Apple Mac Login password when prompted during a NetGuard installation on a Mac (do not use “administrator” for the NetGuard installation password on a Mac.