When Stability Is Everything


Werfen are a global company specifically in the business of improving lives. As a global leader in in vitro diagnostics (IVD), they specialise in haemostasis testing systems for hospitals (theatres, emergency departments, ICUs) and clinical laboratories. With direct operations in over 30 countries, it is critical that their intelligent testing equipment is able to perform the analysis they are designed to carry out in an uninterrupted capacity.  

Werfen required a complete power protection solution to ensure that there is no interruption of power to their systems while testing is in progress and that there is no subsequent loss or corruption of data, which is of critical importance. 


To overcome this, Werfen engaged with one of PowerShield’s loyal Valued Partners to implement PowerShield Commander Tower Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPSs). The Commander 2000 UPS was selected for its high power factor (0.9) and output rating of 2000VA, which offers a comprehensive support system for the testing equipment to ensure they are fully protected, backed up and allowed to operate without disruption.  

PowerShield UPSs are designed to address the major power problems found in our environment and keep equipment safe and operating as intended. The Commander Series are a sophisticated pure sine wave, line interactive solution that also provide Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). Programmable power management outlets allow users to easily and independently control load segments.   

PowerShield’s free, downloadable NetGuard software also provides Werfen with the option for complete power monitoring. Parameters such as input/output voltage, battery capacity and load level are easily viewable.

Werfen have a focus on providing a high standard of testing through all of their equipment and for all of the facilities they are used in, whatever their scale of operation. Their customer-driven approach and dedication to continuous quality improvement is something they share in common with Power Shield. For over twenty years we have strived to offer the very best solutions to our customers with our focus always being on providing the highest standard of technology and equipment available. We are proud that our products can play a part in supporting such vital equipment that benefits not only Werfen and the laboratories conducting such important work, but the patients they are designed to support.” 

Malcolm Levin, PowerShield Director.