PowerShield are pleased to be supporting Backpack Bed for Homeless – a national Australian charity that has designed and produced their lifesaving Backpack Bed.

MANY people know that Power Shield is ideal for protecting critical office IT systems from power surges, brownouts and other electrical system issues. We are an Australian power protection company specialising in developing and providing Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS Supply) and power filtration products specifically for the Australian market.

In supporting Backpack Bed for Homeless, Power Shield have taken protecting to another level by stepping in to also help protect vulnerable street sleeping homeless people through a UPS partnership with national charity Backpack Bed for Homeless.

Every night in Australia thousands of street sleeping homeless people are protected by the emergency all-weather Backpack Bed. Everyday Power Shield provides the electrical CPU protection to ensure this vital work can continue unimpeded.

The reliance on information technology is critical for the small team of four staff at Backpack Bed for Homeless. The additional productivity from highly integrated IT systems at Backpack Beds allows the national charity to significantly lower the costs of delivering services to over 550 homeless agencies in Australia alone.

Backpack Bed for Homeless CEO Tony Clark, a former IT entrepreneur, said supply chain costs for charitable organisations were substantially reduced by the pro-bono contributions of important corporate sponsors such as Power Shield.

“The recent technical support to us from Power Shield was equivalent to providing a large number of Backpack Beds to people sleeping rough on the streets,” he said.

Power Shield Director of Sales and Marketing, Malcolm Levin, said providing expert assistance to Backpack Beds was an ideal way of giving back to the community.

To find out more about our products and how they can support your office visit powershield.com.au.

You can find out more about Backpack Bed for Homeless at:

BackpackBed.org   or

Facebook:    Facebook.com/BackpackBedForHomelessAustralia