A common situation we find here at Power Shield are customers that call us once their UPS starts beeping after many years of use (warning that their battery needs replacing). Many are often surprised when we inform them that their battery has a life cycle.

The fact is, a UPS is dependent on the battery inside of it and that battery will run down over time. How long that takes, however, depends on many factors such as where the UPS is placed, the temperature it operates in, maintenance, cycling and the quality of power conditions.

So How Often Should You Change Your Battery?

Some users choose to play it safe and have a maintenance program in place, recycling batteries at a regular interval. Some users, unfortunately, only change a battery once their UPS starts emitting a persistent warning beep telling them they have waited too long.

In general, we recommend changing your battery around the 3 year mark. If power conditions are particularly bad in the UPS’s working environment, a sooner replacement may be required.

Ask Before You Buy

There are many choices in purchasing a UPS. When speaking to a representative ask about the battery and how it can be replaced. Some allow you to swap the battery yourself while others require a service technician.

With a PowerShield UPS using PowerShield’s NetGuard software the UPS will automatically test your battery at regular intervals and provide a warning before replacement becomes necessary.

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