Losing data is never a good scenario. When power goes out not only can you lose data, but equipment can be damaged once the power returns. Adding a PowerShield Defender 1600 UPS to your build offers you the ability to not only save your game and shut down your machine, but will protect you against surges and spikes in power that can cause irreparable damage.

The Defender 1600 UPS is the perfect UPS for most workstations and gaming computers and a top pick for gamers. It has enough power to support the majority of gaming machines, even those running more than one graphics card. With two 9 Amp Hour batteries and a 960 Watt capacity, the Defender 1600 offers outstanding protection against surges and (depending on number of accessories/hard drives being used) can provide up to 20 minutes of backup power in the event of a power failure to most standard gaming setups*.

+ 960 Watts sustained power delivery
+ Informative LCD screen for monitoring
+ Compact for its load support
+ Economical price
+ AVR voltage stabilisation
+ USB communication with NetGuard auto shutdown software
+ 6 Australian Power Sockets
+ Australian Warranty and local support

Cons: None

*The load of a computer can vary depending on the computer’s specifications. If you use accessories and hard drives, use our online calculator to determine which UPS will best suit your individual setup here: http://usg.powershield.com.au/

For more information on the Defender view our brochure: https://powershield.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Brochures/Defender_Brochure_Print_20122016.pdf
To purchase a Defender 1600 find your local PowerShield distributor: