Why use a UPS ?

The following is an email sent to us by a customer outlining the importance of utilising UPS systems to safeguard your important hardware:
You will never believe the amazing thing that happened today. I need to set the scene.
I have a client who has been happy to survive on dialup modems (one per pc) to get Internet.

No network, all individual inkjet printers onto each PC and Windows 95 with office 97.

The client sees no reason to upgrade or add to the hardware in anyway. He does not want IT advice and all advice I handed out was as a friend.

I have spent 6 months pointing out how I can help him and he finally bit the bullet December 05.

I started the project this morning. In this project is a network, laptops and PowerShield UPS’s.

My first move was to place all the new laptops/PC’s onto PowerShield UPS’s.

I fired up an old one to check a setting and bang, a loud explosion and sparks flew everywhere just outside the office window.

I thought someone had thrown a firecracker into the roofing.

I then noticed the old PC I was on, without the PowerShield UPS, was fried. I also noticed the strange glow in the lights.

In all the years this company has been in this location, never before has a truck driver been dumb enough to try and cross under low powerlines with a high load. He had a B double truck with a Semi trailer on the back and then the second trailers load. He pulled down the 11 kva lines which were dancing around in the street and the catenary wires were about to bust with the added weight of all the fallen lines.

I can’t believe the situation. I added PowerShield UPS’s to the entire site only 30 minutes earlier.

Talk about paying for themselves !!!! Every laptop and PC except the unprotected ones, work fine.

What a coincidence! Obviously the client now hangs on my every word !