What is a UPS ?


UPS is the abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply. In very simply terms it is a power conditioner with a battery. By adding the battery it is possible to offer protection against power failure / black outs.

Generally there are two types of systems available in the market today – Online and Offline / Standby.

Basically a UPS will consist of three key elements:-

  •     Rectifier / Charger– takes the incoming AC supply and converts it to DC to trickle charge the DC battery and where applicable feed the inverter.
  •     Inverter – takes the DC from the battery and where applicable the rectifier converting it to a regulated AC voltage to feed the critical load.
  •     Battery – a collection of cells used to store the DC voltage.


The demand for Power Shield UPS products

exists where computer equipment and information technology has been installed. Power supply is often inclined to be erratic and users of modern electronic technology in places like :

  •     Information technology networks
  •    Offices
  •    Hospitals
  •     Mines
  •     Factories
  •     Banks
  •     Airports
  •     Railways

These facilities, buildings, operations, companies and many other applications need the assurance of power backups in the case of interruptions due to power failures, surges and lightning strikes.