PowerShield Surge Filters



When searching for affordable Powerboards, Power Shield is proud to have a family of options. This ZapGuard range provides piece of mind as they will respond within nanoseconds, saving devices from surges and spikes that will damage sensitive components by diverting or absorbing power transients.

There are power boards for all levels and types of protection. They all take into consideration proper spacing for transformer based plug packs.  The range starts at the basic level to a specialist AV powerboard that saves electricity and provides top protection.

Your UPS is protecting your sensitive equipment and may sacrifice itself when taking a large spike, but what is protecting your UPS? A PowerShield filter should always be used when guarding equipment that requires protection but does not need a UPS.



The ZapGuard® PSZ6NT is an ultra-modern and stylish powerboard with six outlets and Telephone / Network protection. This high spec ZapGuard® PSZ6NT is the trusted option for providing real protection for your valued and sensitive electronic equipment such as photocopiers, printers, computers etc.



The ZapGuard® PSZ8AV1 is a state of the art powerboard that is equipped with eight outlets, both Aerial type coax connectors as well as F-type connectors.  Designed with the highest surge protection specifications in mind and wide noise attenuation range, this ZapGuard® has been engineered to provide you with the highest level of protection and optimum performance for your valued and sensitive Home Theatre.


ZapGuard Pro Surge Filterszapguardpro

Designed to provide a high degree of secondary protection to critical circuits in harsh environments, the PowerShield ZapGuard Pro Range of surge filters is available for pluggable as well as hard wired installations. These devices are particularly suitable for use with UPS systems, servers and specialised industrial sites.

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