Centurion Dual


The Centurion Dual series has been specifically designed to accept a broad range of worldwide mains utility supplies supporting both high-voltage and low-voltage environments. It automatically accepts two input ranges of 88 to 144Vac and 176 to 288Vac. The output is precisely regulated and sustained even at full load. Galvanic isolation is provided via an isolation transformer to isolate the output from the AC input. The UPS provides full isolation and complete common mode noise rejection for connected equipment.

PowerShield Centurion Dual

The Centurion is designed to protect critical computer, communications, industrial, medical and other mission critical equipment. A true online double conversion UPS, the Centurian is designed to guarantee trouble free operation of protected equipment in any harsh electrical
environment. Versatile management and hardware options offer the flexibility to build up a power protection solution to fit any application.

This new range now comes with smart battery charger design technology for optimized battery performance.This will leave additional valuable backup time to the equipment that is most critical. This UPS includes a stylish, informative LCD display for local access and a variety of communications options for remote users.

• Dual voltage, wide input, autosensing voltage range
(88-144Vac and 176-288Vac)
• Complete galvanic isolation design offers full isolation and complete
common mode noise rejection
• True online double-conversion
• Input power factor correction 0.99
• ECO mode for energy saving
• Intelligent Slot for optional USB or RS-232 or AS400 or SNMP communication
• Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
• Accepts dual-mains inputs for special power environment
with high Voltage and Low Voltage

Applications include:
• critical servers
• small networks
• critical IT applications
• PLCs
• telecom applications
• security equipment
• manufacturing
• marine
• mining & resource
• railways
• oil rigs
• multi-nation

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