Conformal Coating

When looking for a UPS that can handle dusty environments, look no further than a conformally coated Power Shield UPS.


When Power Shield began selling UPSs to the Mines their product lives were considerably reduced due to the harsh environment that they were placed in. In one application we found that UPSs were placed in open racks underground that were being sprayed with dust every time a truck drove by.

The dust from mines often has metallic qualities that will short circuit many electrical devices and components. By applying the Power Shield conformal coating to standard ISO7104, we are able to keep our equipment running in very harsh conditions, helping eliminate downtime costs associated with all mining activities.

It’s simple. Equipment that is backed up with a UPS will last longer than one that isn’t. Furthermore, a conformally coated UPS will last longer than one that is not. So protect your Mine- beaten equipment with a conformally coated Power Shield UPS.

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