How to Calculate your Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS Needs?

Once you have figured out that a UPS is all what you need to save your valuable electronic devices from getting damaged every other day due to power surges, brownouts or failures, you must be thinking about the next step. Moreover, if you have checked or know about the variety of UPS’ available in the market, there is a strong likelihood that you are confused about which one you should you go for.

Leaving the features aside, simply calculate your needs to determine the size of the UPS. It may seem to be a difficult task if you do not have much technological knowledge but do not worry. We have got you covered here as well.

Calculating Your UPS Needs

Calculating your UPS needs is really important to make sure you do not end up wasting your money by buying a wrong product. There are 2 major ways to figure this out:

1.      The Old Fashioned Way

The traditional method people have been using since UPS’ were first manufactured include following steps:

  • List down all the electric devices that need to be protected against power failures and fluctuations.
  • Using a power meter, measure the power needs of all those devices, both core and peripherals, that need uninterrupted power supply. The power of each device will be in watts. Add all these numbers to get the total amount of power in watts. Most of the devices will have this information on the back label.
  • Now, calculate the capacity of the UPS to see whether it can supply the required amount of power or not. The following formula will give you the minimum capacity the UPS must have:

Power Load in Watts * 1.6 = Minimum Volt Amperes (VA is the unit to measure the UPS’ capacity)

  • The next step is to calculate the UPS backup. Use the following formula to do this:

UPS Backup = Battery Ah * (Volts/Load) * (1/Power factor)

  • While power factor may vary from device to device, its average value is 1.4)

2.      The New and Easy Way

To save yourself from all those calculations and confusions, opt for the easiest way out that Power Shield offers to help people out. They have a UPS calculator on their website that does all the maths on your behalf and provides you with multiple UPS options according to your needs within no time.

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