When Timing is Everything…

If you’re enjoying the Commonwealth Games as much as we are you will have noticed the seamlessly running LED screens showing the live action at the athletics events. Knowing that PowerShield UPSs are behind LED screens at the Gold Coast event, ensuring a consistent power input and ready to backup the electronic equipment should a […]

Proudly Supporting Backpack Bed for Homeless

PowerShield are pleased to be supporting Backpack Bed for Homeless – a national Australian charity that has designed and produced their lifesaving Backpack Bed. MANY people know that Power Shield is ideal for protecting critical office IT systems from power surges, brownouts and other electrical system issues. We are an Australian power protection company specialising […]

Hard Work Returns Great Rewards!

How many people can say a day at work is paradise..? The Power Shield team enjoyed their Bali getaway this week at Club Med as a reward for reaching their goals for the year. Well done everyone! #worklifebalance #UPS

Get More Out of Your WIFI by Plugging in a DC Mini UPS

When the power suddenly goes out at home one of the first realisations in a modern household is that you have lost WIFI access. The lower end of the fallout of no power means simply that everyone is cut off from using the internet. If you were in the middle of uploading or downloading something, […]

PowerShield DC MINI UPS Helping with NBN Issues

NBN Migration is affecting people’s phone lines for the worse Whilst complaints about the NBN have skyrocketed due to poor support and slow speeds, the inability to be able to use your landline in an emergency can have tragic consequences. Whilst PowerShield provide a full range of UPSs to deal with all the problems associated […]

PowerShield DC Mini is APC Top Recommended Product!

“A compact and efficient way to give UPS functionality to 12V devices.” APC (Australian Computer Magazine) has given the PowerShield DC Mini 4/5 Stars and Labelled it their recommended product in the current edition of their publication. “While just about any device can be plugged into a UPS, it’s not a very efficient way to […]

PowerShield SafeGuard is APC HOT Product!

The August Edition of APC magazine has given the PowerShield UPS 4 1/2 stars in their UPS product review and named it their UPS hot product. “Great performance and surge protection in a very compact, affordable package. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix!” Check out the August APC Magazine for the full write up and contact […]

Behind The Armour – The PowerShield Logo

The PowerShield logo has an interesting history. The icon is central to the brand and is an interpretation of a Roman sentry remaining at his post during the destruction of Pompeii in 79AD, as depicted in Sir Edward Poynter’s 1865 oil painting “Faithful Unto Death”. In this painting, even though destruction and devastation is happening […]

Power Shield Are Holding Up STARS!

Legendary Australian country rock band STARS played to a sell out crowd last weekend in Melbourne. The much-loved band formed back in 1975 and their debut album, Paradise, peaked at number 11 on the Australian charts and included their highest charting single ‘Look After Yourself.’ Other hits like ‘Quick On The Draw’, ‘With A Winning […]

Never turn off a UPS in critical applications

This is what happens when you turn off your UPS.  Never turn off a UPS in critical applications. That’s why a UPS was put on your system in the first place to make sure that the power doesn’t go off! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/british-airways-system-outage-it-worker-power-supply-switch-off-accident-flights-delayed-cancelled-a7768581.html