Behind The Armour – The PowerShield Logo

The PowerShield logo has an interesting history. The icon is central to the brand and is an interpretation of a Roman sentry remaining at his post during the destruction of Pompeii in 79AD, as depicted in Sir Edward Poynter’s 1865 oil painting “Faithful Unto Death”. In this painting, even though destruction and devastation is happening […]

Power Shield Are Holding Up STARS!

Legendary Australian country rock band STARS played to a sell out crowd last weekend in Melbourne. The much-loved band formed back in 1975 and their debut album, Paradise, peaked at number 11 on the Australian charts and included their highest charting single ‘Look After Yourself.’ Other hits like ‘Quick On The Draw’, ‘With A Winning […]

Never turn off a UPS in critical applications

This is what happens when you turn off your UPS.  Never turn off a UPS in critical applications. That’s why a UPS was put on your system in the first place to make sure that the power doesn’t go off!

Does Your UPS Battery Need to be Changed?

A common situation we find here at Power Shield are customers that call us once their UPS starts beeping after many years of use (warning that their battery needs replacing). Many are often surprised when we inform them that their battery has a life cycle. The fact is, a UPS is dependent on the battery […]

The Best UPS For Most Gamers

Losing data is never a good scenario. When power goes out not only can you lose data, but equipment can be damaged once the power returns. Adding a PowerShield Defender 1600 UPS to your build offers you the ability to not only save your game and shut down your machine, but will protect you against surges […]

The PowerShield family comes together!

We’ve brought the whole family to the party today at PowerShield for our new catalogue and video shoot. Looking sharp! Our new catalogue is well under way and bringing our full range of products together was exciting to see. We will keep you updated as we get closer to our release date!

PowerShield – In and Out of the Water!

Both in and out of the water PowerShield are having an impact at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre in Queensland. Malcolm Levin, Sales and Marketing Director for PowerShield, recently competed successfully at the Master’s National Swim meet. Swimmers from all around the country, as well as Papua New Guinea, attended this event. Malcolm anchored the […]

Does Size Matter when it comes to a UPS?

Regardless of what UPS you use, you will have less than 10 minutes to shut down equipment should your power fail. The power that a UPS is able to produce depends on it’s VA rating. This alone, however, will not determine how much power you will get out of the unit. Rather, how much equipment […]

What Should You Look For In A Surge Protector?

Whilst UPSs guard against over and under voltages, surge boards are limited to only guarding against over voltages, specifically spikes and surges. A good surge protector will quickly clamp, not allowing the spike to reach your equipment, keeping it safe. Most surge boards are self-sacrificing meaning that they will fail to work after absorbing a […]

Surge Protector vs Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

Most people are aware of the damage that even low fluctuations in power can cause in electrical equipment, but what is the best option for protection? A UPS guards against both under and over voltages. Power boards only protect against spikes and surges (quick over voltages). A surge protector may well be all that you […]