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Why is there a need for power protection?

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The last 25 years have seen major changes occur which have highlighted the importance of maintaining a continuous and high quality – clean – electrical supply. There has been a global explosion in demand for electricity, with national distribution systems struggling to meet demand. The second factor is the arrival of the computer revolution.

Computers, offices, telecommunications, industrial control systems, as well as many other key applications and services, are totally dependent on the quality of the power which feeds them. At any moment an AC mains supply can be subject to electrical noise and high energy spikes voltage or frequency variations total power loss or micro breaks and other interruptions. For example an unprotected computer can suffer greatly at the hands of raw AC mains supply. Typical problems which may be encountered include memory and data corruption or loss, unscheduled shutdowns, interruption to critical operations, disk drive malfunction or damage.

The effects of such butchery to systems are both harmful to business and costly in terms of time and money – not to mention the sheer inconvenience to all concerned. Power pollution will downgrade the performance and shorten the life of any system exposed to the raw mains supply.